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Daily Links 9/7

Herald  Orlando Magic center Marcin Gortat proud to play for Polish National team
CelticsBlog    Iverson Will Meet With Memphis
LOY's Place    In the Books - Second Wind Memoirs of an Opinionated Man Part 10
Random Thoughts 22 Days Before Training Camp
Red's Army    Marquis Daniels should rent, not buy
Tyronn Lue Still an Option....
Celtics Circuit    Talkin' Tyronn Lue and Ray Allen on Labor Day

Celtics Town   The Valuable Hatchetman: Athletes' Tweets, Starring Bruce Bowen
Fernsten's Follies    Artest Wouldn't Take Pay Cut to Play for the Purple
Lex Nihil Novi     Cousy's Final Years as a Celtic
The Celtics are the Best, But Giddens May Get Cut
Roster Spots 10-12: Who Will be Inactive?
Who Was Really on the Block?
Inside Hoops    NBA Rumors: Monday, Sept. 7
20 Second Time Out    The Enigmatic Antoine Walker
CT News    Danny Plays ‘Race’ Card, Gets Discounted Daniels. Petty, Brando, - all for the same low price.
FanHouse    Tip-Off Timer: The 50 Greatest Players ... Time to Make Some Substitutions
Dimemag   Leandro Barbosa leads Brazil to gold; Jordan’s worst idea yet
Hoopsworld    NBA Monday: No Deal For Iverson?
Articlebahn     Bulls and Celtics Fight for Arroyo
Banner 18?     Are we there yet!?
RealGM     Gaffney Gets Invite To Lakers' Training Camp
Green Nation   ESPN gives Eastern Conference Champion Chances
Mod Selling   Celtics No Better With Rasheed Wallace
Slam Online     Lue Rejects Greeks’ Offer
Knicks Fanatics    Did Rubio Con A Kahn or Was Minnie Marburied Again? Part 1 of 3
NBA Obsessed    Who will win the East 

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