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Who Starts Out Inactive?

Now entering the game, #42, Expiring Contract
Now entering the game, #42, Expiring Contract

This is one of those silly questions that can't be answered because...

  1. We don't have 15 players on the roster yet (or an indication that there will be only 14)
  2. There could still be a trade or two before the season
  3. We haven't seen anyone earn a spot in training camp

However, in that proverbial world where the season starts tomorrow and you are the GM and coach of the Celtics, who would you start off on the inactive list?

Obviously the starters and top of the rotation guys (like Sheed, Daniels, Baby, and House) are not in consideration unless you know something I don't.

That leaves this fun bunch:

  • Tony Allen
  • Brian Scalabrine
  • Shelden Williams
  • Bill Walker
  • J.R. Giddens
  • Lester Hudson (assuming he's signed)

You can only have 12 players on the active roster.  You can activate and deactivate as much as you want, but unless there's an injury, players are normally either on or off the active roster until they can play their way on.  

So which 3 would you leave off the active roster?

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