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Kevin Garnett Voted League's Top Trash Talker

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A. Sherrod Blakely posted something interesting, but not surprising, this morning:

[Kevin] Garnett received 62 percent of the vote in a Sports Illustrated poll of 173 league players who were asked to name the worst trash talker in the league. The second-place finisher -- the Lakers' Kobe Bryant -- had 7 percent.

Garnett, however, isn't the only loudmouth on the Celts if the league's players are to be believed. Paul Pierce was third in the voting with 5 percent and Rasheed Wallace tied for fourth with 3 percent, giving Boston three of the top five trash-talkers in the league.

You'll be hard pressed to find an NBA fan who is shocked by the results of this poll. Jeff Clark wrote a piece before the season started about how the Celtics would be a hated team this season, and while it was mostly Jeff's observations driving that piece, it looks like he hit the nail right on the head.