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Glen Davis' flagrant foul rescinded, Doc fined $25,000

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On Monday night against the Atlanta Hawks, Glen Davis was called for a flagrant 1 foul on the Hawks' Marvin Williams. On Wednesday, the NBA rescinded that  foul and changed the flagrant foul to a personal foul. While the foul is changed in the record books, it doesn't change how it affected the game.

From Paul Flannery at

The NBA rescinded it to a regular personal foul, which is fine, but once the call had been made the Hawks were awarded two shots and the ball and once Rivers protested the call he was assessed two technical fouls and ejected. Mild-mannered assistant Armond Hill was also assessed a technical foul. The effect of all that was five free throws (the Hawks made four) and possession of the ball in what had been a double-digit lead for the Celtics.

Without the erroneous Flagrant 1 call, none of that would have happened.

"Of all the fines I've ever had, this is by far the most disappointing," Rivers told reporters in New Jersey. "I just don't get this one. I watched a couple of coaches last week run out on the floor and no fine. I get fined for being right."

So to be clear... Bennett Salvatore called Glen Davis for a flagrant foul, ejected Doc Rivers from the game and gave another technical foul to Armond Hill just for kicks, all over a call that actually was wrong. On top of that, Rivers is still fined $25,000? How does that make any sense?

That series of events changed the game and gave the Hawks the break they needed to get back into the game. I'm not going to say this is the reason we lost, because it isn't, but this is the classic example of how poor the officiating is getting in the NBA. If that foul is called right, Williams goes to the line for two free throws and the game goes on from there. Instead, the Hawks got five free throws and ball and Rivers was abruptly booted from the game, leaving Tom Thibodeau to do the coaching (or lack thereof).

It will be interesting to see the next time Salvatore is assigned a Celtics game.