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Celtics run over by Bulls

Celtics came out of the gate slow tonight, only mustering up 39 points by halftime- and it didn't get much better from there, losing 96-83 to the Bulls. Nobody could get it going for the Celtics when they needed it. It seemed like we were waiting for a Celtics run all game, but it never came. Definitely disapointing to lose to this team after already beating them twice by 20+ points this season.

  • Free throws, free throws, free throws. Got to hit them, and the Celtics didn't. 15-28 tonight.
  • If I have to pick a player of the game, it goes to Eddie House. He was about the only bright spot about tonight's game. They should have gotten him more looks in the 4th. Second player goes to Glen Davis, who played well defensively while he was out there.
  • Everybody was cold tonight. Ray never caught fire and wasn't a factor all game. Pierce also was pretty cold out there at times. Perkins ended with 14 and 10 but Noah didn't seem to have much of an issue with him out there.
  • Celtics shot same percentage as Bulls from field (45%), but Bulls took 13 more shots.
  • Rajon Rondo had a few costly turnovers, especially the one on the fast break midway through the 4th quarter. Celtics had a chance to cut the lead to four, but the turnover led to a Bulls score.
  • Was it just me or did the Celtics do a lot of standing around with the ball on offense? There were three shot-clock violations in the first half, and Pierce was clueless on the last one.
  • Seemed like the Bulls were blocking shots everytime the Celtics drove to the lane. They had 10 on the night. 
  • Celtics second chance points tonight: 2. Bulls: 16

Post-game reaction and recap to follow.