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And the winners of our first T- Mobile ticket giveaway are:

BadNewsBarnes  |  JoeB  |  PorkyAppleyard  | HC04  |  JackF  |  celtsrule  |  greenoide  |  henke1491 |  sillyspheres  |  Tai 

Congrats to you all, you've each won two tickets to the game versus the Mavericks on Monday. To the 10 above if you did not receive an email from me earlier today, please send me one (green17_@   Enjoy the game.  

Huge thanks to our new sponsor T-Mobile, who supplied these tickets.  And thanks to everyone else who responded.  Please note though for those who were unsuccessful,  we also have another 10 pairs to giveaway for the game on January 25th versus the Clippers. Keep an eye out for another trivia contest post early next week, and also our new feature the T-Mobile Player of the Week which will pop up on Monday.