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Rasheed Plans on Playing Monday

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Some added relief should be on the way for the Celtics. Via the Globe:

Rasheed Wallace plans to play in Monday's game against the Dallas Mavericks after missing three games with a foot strain.

On top of that, Doc Rivers didn't feel like a legitimate practice would do the team much good given the most recent stretch of the schedule they battled through:

Wallace participated in a light practice Saturday, much of the one-hour session involving dunking and shooting contests. The winners were: Eddie House (3-pointers and free throws) and J.R. Giddens (dunk).

"Honestly, after watching the tape, I brought them in the lockerroom, and said the last thing we need to do is practice today," coach Doc Rivers said. "I thought we were exhausted. I don't think one day allows you to get your legs back, and so I told them since we had the open practice, let's put a little set in and then go have some fun and enjoy the game. I think, sometimes, in the year you've got to remember why you play basketball and so I thought guys were laughing, and I thought that was good for them."

So what's more surprising? Eddie House taking down Ray Allen in the free throw contest, or J.R. Giddens out-dunking Bill Walker? Either way, everyone needs some fun once in a while.