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T-Mobile Player Of The Week: Rajon Rondo

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile, but the content is by Jeff Clark.

We are introducing a new feature here on CelticsBlog.  Well, Player of the Week isn't exactly a new idea, but the fun is in how you execute it.  So there will be no formulaic posts with bland stats and boring recaps (though gaudy stats and breathtaking recaps are still on the table).  I won't promise Bill Shakepseare, but I'll try to keep it unique.  Hope you enjoy.  So without further ado...

Rajon Rondo deserves to be player of the week if only for his triple double last Sunday.

But more importantly, here are several reasons why Rajon Rondo HAS to be an All Star this year...

  • Are you not entertained?!!  Everyone loves watching this guy play unless they are fans of opposing teams and on All Star weekend that doesn't matter so much.  This guy will be lobbing oops to LeBron, Wade, Dwight, Josh Smith, and everyone else.  What is the assist record in an All Star game?  I want to see Rondo break it.  (oh yeah, and in case you missed it, he's tops in the East in assists)
  • Entertainment Part II:  Rondo tries some pretty sick stuff on the court when the games matter and every possession is precious.  What do you think he'll pull out of his bag of tricks during an exhibition game where very little defense is played?
  • Stop, thief!  Rondo has the most steals in the league and it isn't coming at the expense of his overall defense.  Doc has said that he's taking fewer chances and staying home on his man more this year.  He's one of the best defenders in the league and that needs to be rewarded more.
  • Little Big Man: Ok, one more "stat" for ya.  His rebounding numbers are down from last year, but he's still the 2nd leading rebounding point guard in the East with 4 a game.
  • Celtics MVP? The Celtics have 3 future HOF'ers on the court (usually) but Rondo is perhaps 1b behind Paul Pierce as the team MVP so far this year.  The fact that he's even in the conversation says it all.  He does a little bit of everything for this team and he's fast becoming a leader.

Our little point guard is all grows up.  He's got the ring, he's got the money, now all he needs is his first (of many) All Star appearances.

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