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Boy, That Escalated Quickly

Celtics were up 11 just before the half and let the Mavs just manhandle them the rest of the game eventually winning by 9.

Ron Burgundy: Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand fast.
Champ Kind: It jumped up a notch.
Ron Burgundy: It did, didn't it?
Brick Tamland: Yeah, I stabbed a man in the heart.
Ron Burgundy: I saw that. Brick killed a guy. Did you throw a trident?

  • Nobody could stop Dirk tonight.
  • We really miss KG on nights like tonight.  He's about the only one that could have slowed Dirk down.
  • In case you were wondering, the Celtics are 5 - 5 with Kevin Garnett out of the lineup.  They are 22 - 7 with him.
  • Didn't see enough of Rondo taking charge in the 2nd half.
  • Nobody will remember this, but Perkins looked very comfortable on the post tonight.
  • Valiant effort by Pierce as usual.
  • The defense disappeared in the 2nd half.  Then came the ugly turnovers.  Then it was just a train rolling downhill that the C's couldn't stop.

Video "highlights" after the jump.

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