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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge (Ticket Giveaway)

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile

This will be just like the last one.  This time we have 10 sets of two tickets to give away for the upcoming matchup versus the L.A. Clippers on Monday, January 25 at 7:30 pm.  Hopefully by then KG will be back in the lineup and the result will be better than last night.

The rules are simple. We will run a trivia question, you answer in the comments. SBNation staff (i.e. not anyone on the Celticsblog staff) will randomly select 10 winners from the comments. We will hold the contest open until midnight tonight and will announce the winners in a subsequent post.  Tickets will be held at Will Call in your name, and SB Nation will help you coordinate the pickup.

Trivia Question after the break...

Which of the following pairs of players have played in the most All Star games as Boston Celtics?
(not necessarily together, they just happen to be tied for the most)

Bob Cousy and Larry Bird
Bob Cousy and John Havlicek
Larry Bird and Bill Russell
Bill Russell and John Havlicek
Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker

Put your answer below in the comments.  If you see that someone has already answered, that is ok, we are picking 10 winners randomly, so the 1st guy in the pool is not the winner.   Please only 1 entry and account per person (I will delete repeats).

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