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Sheed Makes Return To Detroit

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Wallace, ex-Piston engine part, back in Detroit - as Celtic - The Boston Globe

His return tonight in a Celtics uniform is bittersweet. His final years in Detroit were stained by the same boorish attitude that plagued him in Portland, but he helped the Pistons win a championship in 2003-04. They made it back to the Finals the next season, and reached the Eastern Conference finals the next three years. While Wallace may not be basketball royalty in Detroit, he does deserve accolades for his impact on the franchise’s resurrection.

Sheed only practiced limited yesterday, but it sounded like Doc was just giving him some rest.

Kevin Garnett won’t be only solution -

"We gave the other old guy a rest today, Rasheed," said Rivers. "He went through the beginning of practice and then when we went full court I took Rasheed off the floor. He’s dealing with his foot and he’s dealing with a groin issue, as well. I just felt one old guy at a time on the floor." Wallace came back Monday night from three games out with a sore left foot. The groin injury isn’t serious, according to Rivers, who intended to move Wallace aside for the day just to give Garnett more work. "It’s nothing bad," Rivers said of Wallace’s groin issue. "It’s not even close to severe, but when you can give him a break, you do."

This seems like as good a time as any to ask the following poll: