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Garnett returns and Daniels not far behind

Kevin Garnett will return tonight at home against the Portland Trailblazers. Garnett, who has sat the last ten games, has been missed as the Celtics have gone 4-6 in those games, including three losses in a row at home. Doc stated that there  would be no minutes restriction on Garnett tonight.

"It will be good to get Rasheed coming off the bench," said Coach Doc Rivers. "It gives our bench a lift and I think over the stretch that Kevin has been out, our bench has really struggled, you know, at times. So that will give our bench some pop so that will be good for us."

"I think Kevin is just such a leader on the floor," Rivers continued, "I think he gives everyone more of a sense of urgency when they're playing because he demands it, and it's good to hear his voice. It will be good to hear is voice on the floor."

Another important player on this team who hasn't been on the floor in a while is Marquis Daniels. Daniels got some positive news yesterday, as his hard cast was removed and a soft cast was put on. Now Daniels must go through rehab for his thumb until it is back to normal.

"It's stiff right now," said Daniels. "I can go certain ways but I can't bend it all the way across yet though, but it's feeling pretty good."

Asked whether or not he still anticipates a return after the All-Star Break, Daniels said that it could be earlier depending on how soon the motion comes back to his thumb.

Daniels is to wear the soft cast for about a week and then he hopes to get back into practicing with the team soon after.

"Once I get out there I'm going to be going full speed," said Daniels. "Whether we are winning or losing I'm always wanting to play and be out there with the team and helping them. With the ups and downs it makes me a lot more anxious to get back out there. It's the small things I feel like I can be doing here or there."

"No more tying my hand up to shower, I was happy. Tying my shoes, all the small things. I'm just glad I can play video games now."

Told that he should get the Nintento Wii, Daniels responded, "My kids like that Wii. I work out enough at the gym."

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