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Now That Is Celtics Basketball

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It doesn't matter how many times Ray Allen misses.  The next one is always going in.  He hit a clutch shot to give us the lead at the end of overtime.  Just like old times.  Love it.

In fact, with KG back, it seemed like a lot of great themes that we know and love were back after being missing for the last few weeks.  Its amazing what a difference one man can make.  Somehow, Garnett's presence seemed to make everything fall into place.

  • Obviously the defense kicked it up a notch.
  • Spacing and ball movement opened up some lanes for Pierce to attack the basket.
  • Sheed was able to play off the bench, taking more advantage of the 2nd unit to get some early points.
  • The Rondo - KG connection is really something to watch.  They are developing a bond on the court.
  • If you thought we had injury problems, the Blazers have had it worse.  But they keep on playing excellent basketball.  Hats off to them.