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Celtics Avoid Sweep

Nice to finally get a win against the Clippers.  (Gotta be honest, never thought I'd have to write that sentence)

They had me worried a bit in the 2nd quarter when the Celtics were down 9.  But they went on a run, took the lead, took control of the game, and held the lead the rest of the way.

  • Another day, another 20 plus game for Pierce.
  • Rondo had another great game with a double double.
  • Another rough night for Ray Allen, just 2-7 from down town but he still managed to contribute 15 points.
  • Odd moment in the 2nd quarter where there was condensation on the floor that caused a delay.
  • Nice defense for most of the game tonight.  Which is refreshing to write.
  • Did anyone notice that the CSN broadcast's Legal Seafood trivia question sounded mighty familiar?  The 40 or so people that went to the game tonight would have gotten it right.

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