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Ray For Ellis? Pros and Cons

No idea if this rumor has any validity or not, but it passes a few sniff tests.

  1. It was reported/broken by a mainstream media outlet - A. Sherrod Blakely of
  2. The Warriors might actually like to get out from under Monta's contract.  Ray would be a nice way to do that.

Also, real or not, it is an interesting topic of discussion.  So lets look at some pros and cons to a deal like this.


  • Monta Ellis can flat out score.  He's averaging 26 points a game.
  • He also manages to chip in 5 assists and 2.2 steals a game.
  • He's got a game reminiscent of Allen Iverson, whom we all know Danny has an affection for.
  • Ray is in a shooting slump right now.  Someday he's going to go into a slump and never come out of it.  We just don't know when.
  • Ellis is just 24 years old and could bridge the Celtics past the Big 3 window.


  • Monta is a terrible fit for this team as it is constructed.  He needs the ball in his hands a lot.
  • Next year means nothing to this team until next year.  We cannot do anything to sabotage the chances of winning it all this year (unless management is convinced that this team is fatally flawed already - which I don't think is the case at all).
  • Ray Allen, on the other hand, is a perfect fit for this team.  As discussed on this blog at least a few thousand times in the last few years.
  • In a word, chemistry.
  • The numbers don't really work very well.  We'd have to take Vlad Rad's contract and he's not going to opt out next season, so we'd be stuck with him for another year.

Bottom Line:  I don't think it is happening and I'm fine with that.  I see the rationale but I think Ainge will politely pass.  I gotta admit though, these are the kinds of deals that make you stop and think "well, maybe Ray's not totally untouchable."

For the Golden St. perspective on this, check out Golden St. of Mind (their poll is a little more lopsided than ours)

Update: at least one Golden St. scribe says it isn't happening.

Update 2: Don Nelson finds the rumor laughable.

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