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Stopping Dwight Howard

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The key to stopping the Magic is slowing down Dwight Howard.  Nobody does that better than the Celtics and in particular Kendrick Perkins.

Magic still Green from Xmas -

Kendrick Perkins had a good series against Magic star center Dwight Howard, but his work is only enhanced with Garnett and Rasheed Wallace.

"There’s not a better low-post defensive team in the league than Boston," Van Gundy said. "I think they’ve got three of the premier interior defenders in the league, with Perkins and Rasheed Wallace and Garnett in there. They don’t really drop off when they have to go to the bench. (They’re) all big strong guys with good defensive technique, and they have played (Howard) very, very well.

"Said Howard of Perkins, "He's a big body, but I can't allow what he does on the floor to affect my game."

When Perkins' physical play was mentioned, Howard sniffed, "A lot of guys are physical. Just certain guys get away with physical play."

Sounds like Perkins is in Dwight's head a little bit, doesn't it?  Sure, blame the refs Dwight.