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That was ugly.  After starting strong in the first quarter and building a 16 point lead, the Celtics let the Magic back in the game and just didn't have enough energy to hold them off in the 4th.  Sheed's airball as time expired was an absolutely fitting finish to that game (and the uncontested layup just before that was even worse).  Just ugly.
  • Dwight has been working on that running hook hasn't he?  Pretty good game for him.
  • Of course when we were preparing for this game, all the attention was on how to stop the dominating Gortat.
  • Eddie House now leads the league in foot-on-the-line 3 point attempts.
  • Sheed was hot early, not so much late.
  • Ray Allen was 7-7 at one point.  Could have used a little of that in the 4th.
  • Decent game by Rondo, especially with some key plays in the 4th.
  • Free throw discrepancy: Orlando 40, Boston 18