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The ATL Strikes Back

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The Hawks are still bitter about that first round series a few years back.  They seem to think this is a rivalry.  Well, you know what, it isn't a rivalry right now because they own us.  The Hawks swept the season series by winning tonight.

  • Pierce was the only reason this game was close.  He was hot all night long.
  • Rondo was off tonight.  He was not very aggressive and he was very hesitant to shoot the ball.  I counted at least 3 possessions where the Hawks gave him 3 feet of space and he refused to shoot, which then led to a bad shot or turnover.
  • Rondo also gave up some careless turnovers.  None worse than the one in the final couple minutes.
  • Garnett looked intent on proving that he was healthy early on.  Took a high volume of shots.  Enough went in that it wasn't a problem, just thought it was interesting.
  • Why can't we ever stop Jamal Crawford?  Joe Johnson I understand, but Jamal?
  • I'm not even going to bother complaining about Sheed's 3's or T's.
  • Chippy game, as expected.  Technicals, flagrant fouls, the whole works.  These teams really dislike each other.  I gotta admit, I kinda like that.  Reminds me of the 80's.

So, are the Celtics just tired, or are they too old to keep up?