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M*A*S*H Update -- PP and KG Edition

Paul Pierce spoke to reporters before the game.  WEEI has audio, but this quote really summarizes the story:

"It was a situation I got home and I was sort of sitting back and relaxing and then sort of felt a slight pain in my knee and then over a 10-to-15 minute period, it just got worse and worse," Pierce said. "It went from just kind of hurting to sore to bad to extreme in like a 15-minute period, which was crazy.

"I called Eddie Lacerte about 1:30 in the morning and he knows I never call him unless it’s really bad. So, he came over to the house and checked it out. We went to the hospital that morning, doctor checked it out and we did the surgery. An infection somehow got into my leg."

Pierce said after his first surgery on Dec. 23 his white blood cell count skyrocketed to 40,000 indicating an infection. The doctors then went in on Christmas Day to clean it out again and isolated the infection. He said he doesn’t have a particular game in mind for a return.

Red's Army speculates the infection came from a cut on Paul's foot the week before.   It seems Paul's return date is still uncertain.   He's still not running and doesn't have a full range of motion yet, but it doesn't sound like Paul will be on the shelf for too long.  

ESPN Boston has a quote from Doc that Kevin Garnett will be out another 10 days.

"KG's still 10 days, maybe, I don't know," said Rivers. "I have no idea, I honestly don't. There is some history with hyperextended knees that we kind of know that it takes at least two weeks, sometimes three. We know it won't be longer than that, but we don't know how quickly. There's a history there -- not with [Garnett] -- but with league history."

That would put KG out probably until the Nets game on January 13, and means he would miss both games against the very legit Hawks (Jan 8th and Jan 11th).