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Celtics Stuff Live: Sunday Night/Post Lakers Game

The Celtics drop another one to the hottest team in the NBA. Three years ago, on this very same date, chants for MVP were heard loudly in the Garden for Kobe Bryant. Today, Celtics fans had to watch Kobe play a horrible game and still hit a game winner for the Lakers. Ugh. Justin, Jon, and Kevin did their best to remain positive by praising the efforts of Tony Allen and Rajon Rondo, but questions surrounding Ray Allen's play as of late led them own the path of wondering how necessary a trade may just be.

Celtics Stuff Live also got an unexpected appearance from good friend Sean Grande, who did his best to provide a calming presence for Celtics nation. Sean seemed unconcerned, expressing his faith that Ray Allen is the right fit for this team and that KG will return to form. The mantra? There are issues with this team, but better to lose these games in January than in April or May.

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