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Halftime Notes: Celtics Storm Back

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The Celtics faced a 13-point deficit at one point in the third quarter, trailed by 11 (30-19) heading into the second, but Rajon Rondo and the bench brought the C's back within shouting distance. Then, upon the return of Kendrick Perkins and Paul Pierce, the C's sparked a 15-0 run, taking a 49-40 lead with 2:55 left in the second quarter. They lead 52-47 at the half.

  • Tony Allen's playing out of his mind. Wildblu1 called it in the comments section in the preview. TA's playing solid defense on Kobe, but his 12 points on offense might be even more vital at this point. 
  • Rondo's halftime line: 11 points, three rebounds, 10 assists, two steals, 1 turnover. That's a 10-1 assist to turnover ratio. All-Star indeed. 
  • After picking up two fouls early, Pierce buried three key three-pointers during the Celtics' offensive run, finishing the half with nine points.
  • Kobe's been held in check so far. Credit Tony with that. Kobe shot 4-11 in the first half for nine points. 
  • Emotions are running high, as Pierce and Ron Artest got into it before the ball was even thrown up. Rasheed and Pau Gasol picked up double technicals with 3:04 left in the first, and Artest knocked Garnett to the floor with less than two minutes gone in the first. 
The Celtics finally displayed that sense of urgency we've been looking for amidst their comeback. They'll need to keep up that tenacity if they hope to ward off Kobe and his crew in the second half.