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Doc Becomes Pediatrician

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Yes, I know calling the younger players "kids" is somewhat silly when Hudson is older than Perkins and all that.  But in terms of NBA experience, they are mere toddlers and Perkins is an old man - well, at least a guy in a mid-life crisis.

Doc has finally started playing the "kids," so it is a good time to see what the good Doctor has to say about them.

On Giddens:

"J.R.'s going to be more aggressive the next game,'' Rivers said. "I thought he had some shots. He got to the point, ‘Am I making a mistake?' I told him, ‘The mistake is not shooting.' Because he's a good shooter and I thought he had a couple of them.''

On Hudson:

He played 12 minutes Saturday night, scoring 5 points and dishing out two assists, but his two turnovers "scared the hell out of me,'' Rivers said.

"He's got to value the ball better,'' Rivers said. "Lester's still in that home run stage, as most young guys are. Most young passers try to make home run passes instead of making the simple, next pass. That's where we have to get him to.''

There were no comments in the article on Walker, probably because he didn't play.  To JimmyT or anyone on the Celtics beat that might be reading, could we get a quote on why Walker isn't getting any time?  I'm not saying it is the wrong call.  I'd just like to hear Doc's reasoning.  Thanks.

Update: Scott Souza did ask a more general question to Rivers and got an interesting insight into his philosophy:

An hour before what became maybe the Celtics' least likely regular season victory in three seasons, Doc Rivers was asked if there were any positives that could be taken from having to play a game without Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo and Marquis Daniels.

"There is no benefit as far as I know," he responded before the question was even finished. "When the playoffs start, I am 99 percent sure I will have the regular nine (rotation players) on the floor."

For point of reference, CelticsHub makes the case that Scalabrine has been (statistically) awful this year.