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Practice Notes From 4077

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(M*A*S*H 4077 that is)

Doc Rivers missed today's practice for personal reasons.  As for the players, WEEI reports:

Rondo [left hamstring], Pierce and Garnett [both right knees] were all observers again on Monday as Tony Allen, J.R. Giddens and Rasheed Wallace filled in during practice.

"Practice was good and bad," said Tom Thibodeau, who was filling in for Doc Rivers. "Normally, coming off a day off, it's a little sloppy but the intensity was good and the intentions were good."

Read between those lines and the man who ran practice for Rivers on Monday was trying to be kind to the healthy players who are trying to get ready for Miami without Garnett and possibly Rondo and Pierce missing again.

The coaching staff will gather with the players and trainer Ed Lacerte on Tuesday before their flight to Miami and make a determination if it's even worth traveling the players.

So we may be without the Big (Limping) Three once again.

And just for fun, here's two bonus WEEI links: