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Prodigal Delonte Doin' Work

All accounts are that Delonte West is making the most of his second chance.  He's been the last one out of the gym and has the full backing of his teammates.  Peter May has a good article on him with the following quote from Delonte himself.

In return engagement with the Boston Celtics, Delonte West finds peace on the parquet - ESPN Boston

"That's what happens when you make bad decisions off the court," he said. "It should be a lesson to a lot of younger players because that's how it is. You're judged by the decisions you make. It's up to me to prove that maybe everything you read isn't true. It's a day-at-a-time process. That's what it is. It's on me to prove I am a good person and a great guy, and if that's true, it shouldn't be that hard. I feel blessed to have this opportunity and I want to make the best of it.

Count me as a big supporter of the guy.  The more I see and hear from him, the more I'm pulling for him.

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