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Getting Technical

So I guess we have to talk about this now.

I still believe that this new crackdown on emotions and hand gestures is yet another preseason experiment that will go the way of the new synthetic ball, but for the time being the league is enforcing the rules to the letter of the law.  At least one NBA writer, Adrian Wojnarowski, isn't a fan.

NBA whistles while its players work - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

The fans wanted this, the NBA emperor tells everyone. David Stern tosses out some vague claim of market research to demand of his players what the commissioner has never demanded of himself: a control of his temper, the grace to react instantly to the incompetence of his officials with a robotic restraint. That’s the irony: NBA employees have long described Stern’s private disposition as something that could make Rasheed Wallace blush with embarrassment.

Listen, I'm no fan of the over-whining and demonstrative behavior that some players show.  The sour-patch-kids face that LeBron makes is enough to make me cringe.  But if they are going to call players for cussing the way we moderate this blog then I think Kevin Garnett is going to play all of 15 minutes... the whole year.  The guy can't help himself.  The Celtics have joked about breaking records, but after a while it isn't funny anymore.  This could really cost the Celtics eventually.

It will be interesting to see how long this crackdown actually lasts.  Perhaps this is being done to curry fan support on the owners side by painting the players and spoiled whiners and will last as long as the owners are winning the public relations battle leading up to the NBA lockout.  Or maybe the players will take the message to heart and decide that less whining is a good thing and keep it to a minimum.

For his part, Doc Rivers seems to think it will just take some getting used to by everyone involved.

NBA's new rule causes technical difficulties -

“I think officials will have a better feel on it,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “J.O., I was very surprised because he never raised his voice. He didn’t walk away, but it wasn’t anything demonstrative. We’re going to figure it out; it’s just going to take some time. When you talk to the officials, they don’t get it yet. They’re trying to figure it out. It’ll get figured out by Game 1.” 

Regardless, I hope it goes away soon.  Because if there's one thing I hate more than the dog days of the offseason with nothing to write about it is being forced to write about NBA officials.

Bonus: You just knew this was coming.  See this link for Tommy Heinshon's reaction to the Garnett rejection.  Classic Tommy.