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The Point Forward - New NBA Blog

What would happen if you took my favorite Celtics blogger not already writing for this blog and gave him his own Ball Don't Lie type of blog on's website and let him write about the whole league?  Well, you'd get The Point Forward.

This is completely unsolicited but because I like Zach Lowe and the work he does, I'm posting this as a recommendation to bookmark or add to your RSS feed.

See a few quick examples after the break.

The Point Forward " Posts Coaches leaving their mark on preseason "

The league has long known about Tom Thibodeau’s wizardry as a defensive coach. People wondered what sort of offensive coach Thibodeau would be with Chicago. The early answers are encouraging, especially for Bulls fans used to watching Vinny Del Negro’s largely uninspired, three-pointer-phobic offensive sets.

The Point Forward " Posts Key questions for the five title contenders "

MIAMI HEAT The obvious questions: Will the stars jell? All we can do on the chemistry front is wait and watch, but my hunch is that concerns about who will be "the man" are overblown. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are both unselfish, and Chris Bosh is a natural second option as a pick-and-roll partner. This is going to work. The meatier question: Can the Heat improve this roster if they have to? What might not work is the rest of the roster, at least once you get past Udonis HaslemMike Miller and (if you’re being generous) Mario Chalmers

The Point Forward " Posts Court Vision: Kobe’s knee to doom Lakers? "

Is it time to begin worrying about Kobe Bryant‘s knee? Kobe can’t hit anything in the preseason, and one Rockets-focused blogger wonders if, between the messed-up knees of Kobe and Andrew Bynum, "too much may have already been lost to reasonably expect a title." Wow. That’s quite a declaration.

Oh, if only we were so lucky.

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