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Wizards Previews

The Wizards hit the detonate button last year and lucked into the 1st pick in the draft.  So the rebuilding plan is on.

2010-11 Washington Wizards preview - Bullets Forever

Lots of words have been written about John Wall, and I'll just say he's a jump shot away from being a super star. He's as fast with the ball as any player I've ever seen. He's incredible on the break, able to finish or find teammates for easy buckets. He's got a tremendous motor - seemingly never taking a play off on defense, and always moving on offense. He gets to the free throw line with frequency. He's committed to playing defense. But aside from his physical gifts and obvious basketball talents; it's his intangibles that will eventually set him apart. He's got leadership skills. He's poised, coachable and easily likable. He's got a tremendous work ethic. The perfect player to build a championship team around.