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About That Last Roster Spot

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Headed into training camp it looked like a lock that the last spot would go to Von Wafer. There was some sentiment to give Tony Gaffney a fighters chance but that dream ended when he was cut shortly after camp. Soon Stephane Lasme started to open eyes and for the last week or so the momentum seemed to shift in his favor. Lately Wafer has found his stroke a little more and it is possible that he could be making a late charge. Time is ticking and all we can do is read the tea leaves until Danny and Doc make their final decision. Here are a couple of opinions in Wafer's favor.

Sunday Notebook: How Injuries Could Affect The Final Cut -

To me, Bradley’s ankle problems cropping up again is a surefire sign that Von Wafer not Stephane Lasme will be the last guy to make the roster. With Delonte out for the first 10 games, and Bradley showing no signs of being ready for the opener, the C’s deep backcourt starts to lack some major depth with Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels (who has been playing more 3 than 2) being the only guards coming off the bench.

Sean Grande (now on twitter!) offered this tweet:

Sunday Gut: Brady's HOF bust will have '02 haircut, C's will keep Wafer, not Lasme & Garrard won't be enough for Francona to beat me in FF.

So, one more time, after seeing them through a number of preseason games, who do you think should make the final cut?