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Boston Celtics Notes - October 19

Here are some Celtics-related things to think about...

Doc Cleared After Throat Procedure

The throat procedure Doc Rivers underwent on Sunday morning might have been slightly more serious than we were initially led to believe. From ESPN Boston:

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers underwent a biopsy Sunday morning at a Boston-area hospital to determine if lesions found on his throat were cancerous. The test results came back negative and Rivers can now joke about the scare.

"I'm going to be around for a little while, it looks like," Rivers said after Boston's open practice Tuesday night at TD Garden. "I'm sure that disappoints everyone."

Apparently former Celtics coach Jim O'Brien was the man who initially told Doc he should consider annual throat examinations. 

Further Pains for Jermaine O'Neal

Jermaine O'Neal's already suffered through a sore left hamstring this preseason, and is now battling a sore back and wrist, which will hold him out of tomorrow night's preseason finale against the New Jersey Nets, according to A. Sherrod Blakely. Does this mean Shaquille O'Neal wins the starting center position? Not necessarily. The Celtics will have five days off before the regular season commences on October 26, which will hopefully be enough time for Jermaine to get his health back in order, in case Doc does have plans to start him on opening night.

Good and Bad News for Delonte West

The good news: The medical staff was able to determine that back spasms were not the cause of Delonte's discomfort these past few weeks. Instead, his left glute muscle is to blame, but West deemed the pain close to being 100 percent gone. The bad news: West will miss tomorrow night's preseason finale, meaning the next time he'll be eligible to play will be November 17. West said he expects to be back in practice later this week. 

Open Practice for Season Ticket Holders...With Rasheed Wallace?

Guess who made a somewhat surprising appearance at the Celtics' open practice for season ticket holders earlier tonight? Rasheed Wallace. Don't worry, he was in civilian clothes, although he did garner a chant from the crowd at one point. Glen Davis was given the responsibility of introducing the entire roster, coaching staff, and training staff to the crowd - a job he gladly accepted. Here's the video.

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