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An Emphasis On The Post

The Celtics became a very perimeter oriented team last year, relying too much on three pointers and not enough on "ramming it down low" as Tommy would say.  Not that he was the whole of the problem, but nobody exemplified that problem more than Rasheed Wallace (especially during the regular season).

Enter Shaquille O'Neal and Jermaine O'Neal and you can't help but notice the difference already.  But the coach doesn't want to stop there.  He wants it to be a team effort.

Celtics’ inside looking out -

"I think Kevin this year can go back and be a post player," said coach Doc Rivers. "I thought he lacked that confidence with his health and all that. Shaq and J.O. can play there, and I think Paul has to get to the post more. We’re going to post Rondo up against smaller guards. We’re going to post Delonte (West) up. I told them all that. We have to get back to the post. We got away from it the whole second half of the year. We’ve got to get to it if we want to win games. "We cannot rely on being an outside shooting team. It’s just not going to win for us, not in big games."

Couldn't agree with him more.  A good post game is a lot like a good running game in football.  You pound away at the defense, wearing them down and shifting their focus.  The result is opening up the long distance stuff (passing in football, jump shots in basketball).  

I think it also helps to have some more people around the basket to establish position for rebounds.  And not just the big guys either.  Pierce and Rondo saw their boards slip last year, which didn't help out our overall numbers.

Seems like a good strategy to me.  Hopefully the team will listen to the coach instead of following the example of the now retired Mr. Wallace.