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New Jersey Comes To Boston To Settle Once And For All Who Cares About Games That Don't Matter

New Jersey (3-4) @ Boston Celtics (6-1)
Time: 7:30PM EST, Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Place: TD Garden
TV: YES Network, CSNNE, LP 752/753 Radio: WEEI
The Line: Preseason Game #8, C's are 1-0 against Nets so far,
This game wraps up the Celtics fast and furious 6 games, 10 days stretch.

Game Thread | Chat Room

Ah at last, the Preseason is almost over! Sure, after the game tonight that pretty (6-1) number next to the Celtics name will vanish from the minds of everyone except for Semih Erden and Stephen Lasme enthusiasts, but who cares? Soon (next Tuesday), the games will count and we'll really find out what our motley crew of various NBA Live 2002 All-Stars and Rajon Rondo can really do in games that count.

But, there is still this final detail to sort out. One last game that doesn't matter. Here is what you need to know:

1) The Starters Should Play: The Celtics haven't had a game in 5 days (which is nice because they were just rattling off games before that), so everyone should be rested. Also, this is the last dress rehersal before things start to matter, so Doc will want to mimic an actual game as much as possible. Everyone who is healthy should see some time, but the real rotation should get substantial time. I predict we'll get a solid 20 minutes or more from Shaq, and 22-24 each from the big 3. Rondo might just graze 30 minutes.

2) Watch For A Possible Erden/Lopez Matchup: Brook Lopez is the best young center not named Dwight Howard in the NBA today. He's 7ft, he's a heck of a scorer, and he rebounds and defends better than most. Erden should have his hands more than full on defense, and when he has the ball, Erden should have a tough time scoring. For those of us who have been overly hesitant (me included) or overly impulsive with our praise for the 'Turkish Delight', tonight's game should be a nice little dollop of reality. Jermaine O'Neal is likely out tonight and Lopez has averaged 35.5 minutes per contest over the last 4 preseason games for the Nets. Erden should get his shot.

3) The Tiny-Baby Front-court: Oh yes. It is here. Maybe 7 games too late, but we will likely see a front-court made up of Keith "Tiny" Gallon and Glen "Baby" Davis. Since it is likely that Tiny Gallon will be cut before the season starts, this will probably be the only way we'll see a "Tiny Baby" lineup out there. Enjoy the potential, enjoy the irony...just enjoy. The last time that there was a 'Tiny Baby" situation this big, Rick Moranis made a huge mistake. (Big ups to moderator Chris for pointing this out)

4) Lasme-Wafer, Who Ya Got?: This will without doubt be the last time we get to see both players on the team simultaneously (barring injury). According to multiple sources, Von Wafer is the guy, but anything can happen. A strong showing from Lasme and another weak showing from Von Wafer could have more bearing than you think.

5) You'll Get To See Derrick Favors: That's it. If you're like me, and you have no idea what you expect from Favors in the pros, you'll get to see him for probably around 25 minutes tonight. Prepare to be under-whelmed.

Starting 5

Boston: Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal

Injuries and stuff: Jermaine O'Neal (questionable), Avery Bradley (OUT), Delonte West (DTD), Glen Davis (DTD), Kendrick Perkins (FISHIN)

New Jersey: Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow, Travis Outlaw, Derrick Favors, Brook Lopez

Injuries and Stuff: Troy Murphy (OUT), Brian Zoubek (DTD)