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Spurs Previews

We're sick of hearing about the age issue, but Spurs fans have all been there before.

2010-2011 Spurs Season Preview - Pounding The Rock

While there are a few other weaknesses I purposely missed above, let me rinse and repeat something that’s irritated Spurs fans for so long - the age issue.  Let’s face it - while the roster average age is relatively young compared to the league, this concern has been mostly directed to our three key championship cogs - especially Tim Duncan.  And why not? The team will live and die with its superstars, and even if for 2 years running we’ve been calling this Spurs lineup "the best team that Duncan’s ever had", there’s a reason why RC and Pop have been almost at wits’ end assembling what could have been a bigger dynasty, had this current roster been in place during Tim’s prime years. Keywords: could have.

Project Spurs will post their preview on Monday.  Promise.