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Shaq Is A Walking Comedy Routine

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Today I was trying to explain to a non-Celtics fan how huge Shaquille is as a personality. Basically if I wanted to write about him every day, I could find pretty interesting material. In fact, that wouldn't be a terrible idea for a blog. Or if a young writer wanted to get a foot in the door as a beat writer, he could do worse than to ask to be assigned to just follow Shaq around - a little like ESPN did with Barry Bonds a few years back.

Anyway, the latest was his Shaq-statue routine and he promises to follow it up with something new in the near future.

What’s up next for Shaq? A snowman, the subway, and dressing up like a woman

"I thinking of buy a snowsuit, standing in the middle of a field and have people throw snowballs at me," he said. "Something different." But then, after a suggestion from a reporter that he could integrate the ‘T’ into his next field trip, O’Neal latched onto the idea. "No, never," he said when asked if he had ever been on the subway in Boston. "That’s a good idea. I’m going to do that. What’s today? Sunday? I’m going to do that next week." O’Neal then took it to another level when explaining how he was going to appear when boarding the train. He said that he would be dressing up as a woman named, "Shaquita," "I’m going to do that," he said.

He went on to describe the Celtics as the "funnest team" he's ever played with. Yup, this could be an interesting season.