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Hornets Previews

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Chris Paul is back from injury and claims to be happy (for now) in New Orleans.  How long will it last?  And how good can this team be?

Season Preview, Celtics-Blog Style - At The Hive

This year, I'm looking at it in terms of "what is the minimum level of success I wouldn't complain about?" Realistically, that level is probably a fuzzy range, not an exact line. So what is the range for this season?  I think this team is talented enough to make the playoffs for sure. Combining a borderline All-Star PF, a decently deep front line, and an athletic perimeter defender with the league's best point guard surely ensures that as a minimum expectation. I think if the Hornets can win one playoff round, I think I'd be satisfied.  So yes, that's really highly arbitrary, but I'll go ahead and call Round 2 the goal.