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There Is No Bron In Team


Sorry Miami, we aren't moving over for you.  The road to the Finals still comes through Boston and 5 still beats 1.

  • Rondo was in full control of the game tonight.  Early on, when it looked like Shaq was feeling rusty, Rondo made sure he got a into it by giving him the easiest alley oop he'll ever see (right in front of the rim).
  • Rajon also deliberately made sure that everyone got early touches and his teammates rewarded him by making a lot of shots.  He finished with 17 assists.
  • In contrast, Heat players not named LeBron couldn't buy a bucket early on.  In particular, Wade and Bosh were ice cold.  The Celtics led by as much as 19 points.
  • As a result, LeBron took it upon himself to take over in the 3rd quarter - scoring or assisting on most of the team's points.
  • A key moment was when Pierce stepped in front of a steamrolling LeBron and was called for a questionable-at-best blocking foul.  It was odd hearing the announcers call it a bad foul call.  In years past they would have talked about what an aggressive player LeBron is and how he is rewarded for that.  Now, not so much.  This is the post-Decision world we now live in.
  • Another big impact that play had on the game was the injury that Paul Pierce sustained by falling to the floor (back spasms).
  • The Heat pulled within 4 but Big Baby once again stepped up in a big moment.   He stepped in to force a charge and scored consecutive buckets down low and effectively shifted the momentum Boston's way. 
  • Then Paul Pierce stepped back on the court and with shades of the "wheelchair game," he hit two huge three pointers to swell the lead back to double digits.
  • Of course, it wouldn't be a heavy-weight fight without the bad guys hitting back.  They pulled within 3 in the last couple minutes before Ray Allen hit a huge 3 pointer to put us up by 6.  After that, it was just execution.
  • Huge win to start the season off on the right note.

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