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Celtics Fall to Cavaliers

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In something of a shocker, the Celtics fall, 95-87, to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's a whole to digest in the aftermath of this one. Before we all jump ship, let's take into consideration that it's the second game of the season. 

This is one of those "Really? Did that really just happen?" type of losses. It's frustrating, sure, but it's one game.

  • I think the majority of us expected the Cavaliers to stick around through the first - and maybe - the second quarter, before Boston ultimately pulled away. Instead, the Cavs hung tough from start to finish, refusing to fold even when the Celtics stretched their lead to 11 (68-57) with 3:49 left in the third quarter. 
  • Turnovers were an issue for the second straight game, as Boston handed the ball over 19 times. In addition, the Celtics shot just 3-12 from three-point nation. 
  • This is certainly a forgettable game, but there were several bright spots for the Celtics, like Kevin Garnett's 15 rebounds and baseline slam dunk off the dribble with 6:16 left in the first quarter.
  • Glen Davis played very, very well tonight. Not only did he convert a basket off of a broken play with 1:23 to go, bringing the Celtics to within three points (89-86), but on the Cavaliers' next possession, he stepped in and took a vital charge on J.J. Hickson. He finished with 14 points and five rebounds.
  • With that said, there were some awful performances and noteworthy controversies, including Jermaine O'Neal's atrocious evening. He fouled out in 12 minutes, with two points, two rebounds, and three turnovers. He definitely was not in the good graces of the officials tonight. That's all I'll say about that.
  • The biggest controversy in this one has to be Anthony Parker's three-pointer to beat the shot clock on an out-of-bounds play with 2:26 left. With one second on the clock, Parker caught it with the ball on his left hip, swung the ball under the arm of his defender to his right side, rose up, and buried the shot. Keep in mind, this all happened in one second. Let's just say it was a looooooooong second.
  • I mean, I guess you could say, "Good for Cleveland", seeing as LeBron got his butt kicked last night and the Cavs took down one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference tonight. I mean, I won't say that, but you could say that.