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How Do You Use Tech With Sports?

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This is a sponsored post by Samsung.  You may have noticed an ad or two of theirs on the site.  The thing is, they only really gave me a vague idea on what they want me to write about.  They said "whatever you want to write about regarding technology being used to enhance the fan experience."  So with that open ended guidance, I thought I'd pass the question along to you and ask you how you interact with technology in relation to being a fan.  It is an interesting topic and something that I'm sure many of you are passionate about.

So here are some topic starters:

  • Blogs: Well, obviously if you are reading this, you like blogs.  But how do you access them?  Do you have an RSS reader or do you always come right to the site?  (I mean, this IS your homepage right?)
  • Social Media: (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  I'm getting more into these things as I go along and get used to them.  They certainly seem to be the fastest growing trend out there right now.  (related: twitpic, twitvid, etc.)
  • Smartphones: For surfing the web, checking your favorite blogs (here's our mobile-friendly site!), and even watching the games.  I'm sure there's much more, but I don't have one so I guess I'm behind the times (hint hint to advertisers, hook me up!).
  • League Pass: Pretty much essential for the non-local fan needing their daily fix.  They also have broadband access to watch the games from your computer.
  • Podcasts: By now you are familiar with our friends from Celtics Stuff Live, but there are plenty of other options for downloading NBA podcasts so you never have to sit through endless radio commercials.
  • High Def. TV's: Another thing that I'm a little behind the times on - but I hope to be upgrading the home equipment before too long.  Seeing the game in high def really makes you never want to watch it in anything but that again.
I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of things, so please tell me what I'm missing and if nothing else go ahead and make fun of how behind the times I am.