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Report: Celtics Won't Release West

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Original story regarding the Delonte West and Von Wafer skirmish can be found after the jump. Here are the latest pre-game notes.

Quotes from Doc Rivers (via Chris Forsberg's Twitter):

"There was as fight and that's all you need to know... Obviously I'm not real thrilled that it happened. We'll handle it."

"It should have stayed inside the locker room. It didn't. That's OK, we're just going to leave it alone."

Doc also stressed that he hopes the fight doesn't affect the team, particularly tonight against the Knicks.

Jermaine O'Neal Inactive

Also, Forsberg reported via Twitter that Jermaine O'Neal is inactive tonight (I'm assuming due to various aches and pains) and Luke Harangody will suit up in his place. Semih Erden could see his first regular season action. 

Here's the latest on the Delonte West and Von Wafer altercation, from The Boston Globe:

Celtics president Danny Ainge confirmed Delonte West and Von Wafer were involved in a fight earlier today after the Celtics' shootaround in Waltham, but shot down many of the details in the Hoopsworld report, including the notion the team was considering releasing West, who is serving a 10-game suspension.

"I did read that story and there was a lot of lies in that story," Ainge said. "Things were twisted. It's not true. We're not releasing Delonte. There have not been any other of these altercations that have happened this year."

Update: Here's what Wafer had to say to the media before tonight's game against the New York Knicks (Via the Globe):

"I don't know what's going on, but you've got to talk to Doc and Danny," said Wafer. "I don't know what's going on. What happened? I don't know nothing about it. First time hearing about it."

Update #2: Here's a video (courtesy of Chris Forsberg) of Wafer speaking with the media before the game. I guess the media will have to talk to Doc and Danny...