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More Notes On Fight-gate

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One more note on this (unless more news comes out).  It was easy to take the initial report from Alex Kennedy and assume it was true because of Delonte's recent history and medical condition.  However, as details came out, it sounds like the story was largely untrue and planted by someone in Von Wafter's camp.

Shamrock skirmish -

Actually, the Celts do have an idea, with sources saying they believe the entire report emanated from the Wafer camp. The Celtics’ current plan is that West will enter the rotation when he returns, and Wafer will move deeper down the bench.

Red's Army also quotes Carolyn Manno's twitter:

Is Von Wafer trying to make Delonte look bad? -

The real issue here is trust. If other C's think Von Wafer isn't keeping in house issues in house, may start to splinter the locker room Multiple ppl telling me Von Wafer is difficult to deal w/. My gut tells me Wafer is the instigator and Delonte used very poor judgement.

As a big Delonte fan, I'm kind of happy to hear the way the story has shifted in his favor, though I'm still saddened to hear about his "very poor judgement."  In the end, I don't think Wafer is long for this team.  Like say, 7 more games or so.  In fact, I wouldn't be all that surprised to see the return of a familiar face (that many of us thought shouldn't have left in the first place).

Fighting through some early problems - The Boston Globe

It’s uncertain how the team will embrace Wafer, if at all. The decision to cut Stephane Lasme and keep Wafer was met with resistance in the locker room, and the rest of the players are hoping that Wafer adheres to team rules and keeps issues in house.

I'm not sure if it is fair to bury Wafer just yet, but he's got a bad history of being a headcase and he hasn't exactly endeared himself early on.  He seems largely redundant if and when West serves his suspension and Bradley recovers from his ankle injury.  I might be time to cut ties sooner rather than later, but we'll see how the rest of this plays out.