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Boo! Halloween Night with Green and White

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Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Ghouls, Goblins, and Glen Davis. Now that's scary.

"I'm going to paint my face green and put on some ears. Or I might just wear a hat, like a mask."

It's Halloween again, which means costumes, candy, and a trip to the dentist. It also means that Glen Davis can now justifiably walk around looking like Shrek, or another popular movie character.

"I was thinking about being Kazaam," Davis said laughing. "That would be funny."

Davis is of course referencing the 1996 comedy, "Kazaam," starring Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal as a "rappin' genie with an attitude".

That was most likely the first time Shaq was in costume since he stopped trick-or-treating... at age 10.

"My thing with Halloween was every time I used to go out, people used to look at me like, 'You're too big to be trick-or-treating.' So I stopped at age 10, seriously.

"I used to go out and they'd be like, ‘How old are you?'

"I'm like, ‘I'm ten.' [They'd say], ‘Get out of here, you're 18. Beat it.' So I just stopped going."

You can bet nobody thought Nate Robinson was too old to go trick-or-treating. Come to think of it, he can probably get away with it today, too.

"I was Batman all the time," Robinson said. "My dad was always asking me, 'You want to be something different?' Nope. [I was a] big Batman fan growing up. I think one year I was Flash, but I like Batman. Batman was my guy."

Robinson is going trick-or treating with his kids this year. His two sons, Nahmier and Nyale, are going as Mario and Luigi, while one-year-old Nayvi is going as Princess. Nate couldn't get the Donkey costume in time, so he settled for Wolverine.

Growing up as one of nine children, Halloween was a big night in the Robinson household.

"We would be like 20 deep," he remembered. "Twenty of us would go trick-or-treating. We used to catch a bus out far and walk back home."

Robinson says he and his crew would be out for a good four hours before getting back home, hitting up all the good spots along the way.

"We would go to the nice neighborhoods and they used to give out the King Size Snickers, Reese's, Twix - we used to be like, ‘Man, what is going on?'

"Then we used to snatch kids' bags sometimes back in the day. Like kids that we knew would go out. I was young. I was like ten. I remember one time my friend snatched a kid's bag and the dude's dad chased him for so long. We were laughing."

But that isn't all. Remember those people with the sign on the door that read, "Take One"?

"Then you find some houses that leave the candy and stuff out!" Robinson said while pretending to dump candy into a bag.

That's right, Nate was that kid growing up. Surprised? If that bag was filled with Candy Corn, Robinson would be the happiest Batman around.

"Candy corn is a classic," he said. "Candy corn is awesome."

Candy Corn? Come on! There's got to be thousands of better treats than that. Right?

"Got to be Snickers," Kendrick Perkins said. "Snickers, man. Ain't nothing else. Nate's a weirdo saying Candy Corn."

They do agree on one thing - super heroes are the way to go on Halloween.

"You never could go wrong with a Superman, because you could always make that," Perkins said. "Or Batman. Anything that you could make a cape with, you pretty much just go from there."

"I told you!" said Avery Bradley in the background. Bradley and Perkins share the same love of Snickers and super heroes.

Bradley remembers going as Batman and one of the Power Rangers. He said the last time he went trick-or-treating was in eighth grade - so what's that, only six years ago?

"You want a King Size Snickers you go to the good area," Bradley points out. "You get all that homemade stuff - my mom told me not to eat that. We used to just go around the neighborhood, the church sometimes. My mom would make me go to church and get some candy over there, then go back home. They would try to do something so the kids wouldn't be walking around the streets."

Bradley's church might have thought twice before handing out candy to Ray Allen as a child.

"My devil costume was my go-to costume when I was a little kid," Allen said. "But it was raining that day and the rubber band broke, so I had to hold my mask up the whole time."

Wait a minute. Ray Allen? Halloween? What was his favorite treat, vegetables? The guy hasn't put a bad thing in his body since the Reagan administration.

"My favorite candy, I went anywhere that had those little Smarties candies in the plastic. You got so many of them. That's what I ended up eating all the time.

"Then I got older and we just started throwing eggs at people's houses."

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone.  When in doubt, ask yourself, "What would Jesus Shuttlesworth Do?"

On second thought, don't.