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Celtics Stuff Live: Paul Flannery

Flann the ManJoin us Tonight from 9-10pm EST when Paul Flannery from will join us to review the Celtics first week of the season. Instead of giving you the promo about the Wafer-West scuffle which will undoubtedly be covered, howabout a positive review of Rondo and his growth?! Friday night's performance was exceptional, and you get both topics covered along with the O'Neal Injury Report from Paul's Saturday article quoted below: Celtics_stuff_live300x300_medium

He assisted on more than half his team’s made shots and that left him tied with Isiah Thomas for the most assists ever recorded in a triple-double performance.

Those are both weird statistical notes. Objective, perhaps, but very weird and they don’t really get anywhere when trying to define Rondo.

So it falls on Garnett to provide some analysis.

"Put it like this," Garnett said. "If you’re not ready, he’ll embarrass you. He’ll hit you right in the face with the ball. He’ll definitely get on your behind if you ain’t ready. It’s beautiful watching him grow and watching how hard he wants it and how hard he goes. Sometimes he’ll see something that you don’t see and he’ll make you see it. That’s the point guard vision. He has a very high IQ when it comes to basketball. He understands angles. That’s what makes him unique."

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