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(Minor) Injuries Already

The season has yet to start, but that's not keeping the injuries away. Fortunately, at this juncture, they appear to be minor ones. 

Jermaine O'Neal tweaked his hamstring and has apparently missed the last two days of practice (which most likely explains why Shaq was spending so much time with the first unit), but both he and Doc Rivers are saying the injury is nothing serious. 

Celtics coach Doc Rivers indicated he'll likely sit Jermaine O'Neal all week (which would mean both exhibition games) to allow ample time for recovery, but O'Neal called the injury, "minor," and preferred to call his absence, "day-to-day."

Delonte West is also dealing with a case of back spasms, but could be back on the court as early as tomorrow. 

"Delonte will be back soon," said Rivers. "Maybe tomorrow or maybe a couple more days."

The injuries don't sound serious by any means, but we know by now that Doc doesn't mess around with this type of stuff. If a guy's injured, he sits, and is given ample time to recover. 

Also, one other important thing worth noting...Delonte West is eligible to play in preseason games. His 10-game suspension only applies to the regular season and will begin October 26th against the Miami Heat.