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Jazz Previews

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Big Al has a new home and it is in Salt Lake.  Gotta love this rundown of the other additions and subtractions:

2010 NBA Blogger Previews - The Utah Jazz - SLC Dunk

Key Losses: Carlos Boozer's Injuries (FA, Bulls), Wesley Matthews (RFA, Blazers), Kyle Korver Pink Jersey Sales (FA, Bulls), Ronnie Brewer (Trade, Grizzlies), Eric Maynor (Trade, Thunder), Matt Harpring's Knees/Salary (Trade/Dump, Thunder), Kosta Koufos' Omni/science/presence/potentcy (Trade, Timberwolves), Multiple Game Thread Memes

Key Additions: Al Jefferson (Trade), Raja Bell (FA), Gordon Hayward (Draft #9), Earl Watson (FA), Francisco Elson (FA)

You have to go back to the 2003 off-season, when John Stockton retired and Karl Malone headed to LA, to find more player turnover than the Jazz have had this summer.