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Boston Celtics Preseason Schedule

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We are obviously ready to watch some basketball after a long (though entertaining) offseason.  The players are ready to get back at it too.  As only Kevin Garnett can put it...

Keeping a running count adds up to spirited competition - The Boston Globe

"You beat up on each other so much that you’re almost looking for new meat, as we say, to beat up on,’’ said Kevin Garnett. "It’ll be good to go up against some opposition, travel a little bit, see some cities, see how the young guys act. Not just in the cities, but in the games. So it should be fun.’’

It should be fun.  So here's the full preseason schedule.

Wed, Oct 6 Philadelphia 7:30 PM Verizon Wireless Arena - CSNHD/WEEI
Thu, Oct 7 @ New Jersey 7:00 PM Prudential Center - NBA TV  -  CSNHD/WEEI
Sun, Oct 10 Toronto 6:00 PM TD Garden - CSNHD/WEEI
Tue, Oct 12 @ Philadelphia 7:00 PM Wachovia Center - NBA TV  -  CSNHD/WEEI
Wed, Oct 13 @ NY Knicks 7:30 PM Madison Square  Garden - CSNHD/WEEI
Fri, Oct 15 @ Toronto 7:00 PM Air Canada Centre NBA TV  -  CSNHD/WEEI
Sat, Oct 16 NY Knicks 7:30 PM - CSNHD/WEEI
Wed, Oct 20 New Jersey 7:30 PM TD Garden - CSNHD/WEEI

If there's a constant complaint that I have it is that out-of-towners like me get hosed on the preseason every year.  Even if you get the NBA League Pass, the system isn't set up until (at best) a week or so before the regular season starts and even then some games get blacked out.  At least I'll be able to get the NBA TV games, but not everyone has that channel offered either.  

You would think that CSN or the NBA would be offering up these preseason games for free on a trial League Pass promotion or something, but so far I haven't heard of anything like that.  At least I should be able to catch the radio feed with Grande and Max on