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More Notes from the Nets Game

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A few quick hits from the game last night. I went and will have something up later today.

  • Doc loves D.West and Nate together. They are really gelling and it showed tonight.
  • He said Erden needs lots of minutes, but he plans on giving him PT as much as he can. He likes his toughness and his teammates see it in him and appreciate that aspect of him. Erden tough. Who would have thought? He has to play against Shaq in practice, no fouls are called and he does not complain.
  • Doc has no problem with Davis shooting like he did tonight because it came in the flow of the offense. If he does that all the time, he has no issue with him scoring like that. He also credited Glen's defense. 
  • Techs – there will be articles I’m sure. The NBA is cracking down big time and they are making their case team by team. It will not be called like it has been the last few years. Much, much tighter. And no – it is not called the Rasheed Wallace Rule. They have tons of examples of reactionary behavior by myriad players they would like to eliminate (the behavior that is, not the players). 
  • The idea is to respect the refs and the game. The far too constant dramatics, disrespectful actions and words bring the game down in the league’s opinion. BTW…I don’t disagree. 
  • Needless to say, Doc and some of the players are a bit frustrated and perplexed by all the techs.