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Daniels An Early Bright Spot

Along with the play of Semih Erden, I've been particularly (and pleasantly) surprised by the positive play of Marquis Daniels.

Marquis Daniels comes up big for the Boston Celtics in a preseason win over the New Jersey Nets - ESPN Boston

On a night his bench brethren stole the spotlight, it was Daniels who stepped up and drilled a clutch 3-pointer with 35.4 seconds remaining to help Boston emerge with a 96-92 triumph over the host New Jersey Nets on Thursday at the Prudential Center. "It's so early, I don't know yet [if the Celtics are getting what they expected out of Daniels]," Rivers said. "But he's healthy and he's playing pretty hard. That was a big shot for him."

If he can play more like the guy we thought we were signing up for originally and less like the lost and confused player we ended up getting for much of last year, that would be a big swing in our favor.

What are your early impressions of Quisy?