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Doc Rivers Reconsidering Long-Term Future With Boston Celtics

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Remember this summer when it was unclear whether or not Doc Rivers would even return to coach the Celtics this season? When he ultimately decided to return to the bench, the general consensus was that, much like this "window" the team is currently passing through, he would stay for another year, or maybe two. That notion could be changing, as Doc is apparently reconsidering his long-term future with the Celtics. In a story by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Doc cites his outstanding relationship with the organization, and general manager Danny Ainge in particular, as reason for him to remain coach of the Celtics long after the likes of Paul Pierce,  Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett are out of the equation. 

"If I'm going to stay in it without taking a break, it would be tough for me to go anywhere else. We've talked about [an extension], but I just want to wait. But to be a career Celtics coach is something I think about. I've learned: You don't have what we have here somewhere else."

It's clear that ownership, Danny, and Doc all work extremely well together, and even if there is something of a drop-off once this current run is over, there's no way they'd simply settle for mediocrity and another extended rebuilding effort. They would aim to contend again as soon as possible, with Rondo most likely serving as the cornerstone of the franchise. And I wouldn't bet against Wyc Grousbeck and co., Danny, and Doc. Ownership's more than willing to put forth the money, Danny has one of the best eyes for talent in the entire league, and Doc's one of the superior coaches in the game, both in terms of handling the personalities of a team, as well as the X and O stuff. Sounds like a winning combination to me.