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Celtics Stuff Live: Adrian Wojnarowski

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WojJoin us Sunday night from 9-10pm EST when Adrian Wojnarowski will make his first appearance on ouor show. As you now, our good friend Marc Spears and Woj have been tearing it up over at Yahoo! sports with their NBA coverage. His last four articles have been about the Celtics or the Heat and rightfully so. You've read the most recent, Doc Rivers eyeing a long term stay with the Celtics, but this article setting up the inevitable Celtics/Heat clash through the regular season and into the postseason is the one that caught my eye:

"We’ll continue to go at our slow pace and creep up on everybody," Pierce said.

Old man Riles and Wade and James and Bosh will be waiting, because Riley’s vision was validated. Boston must go through Miami for a shot at the Lakers again. That summer haul never did move Rivers to criticize Riley, because the Celtics are full of talent and toughness. Shaq wanted to know: Would you rather go into Miami with or without me. This goes for all these Celtics, all these players who watched that preening summer spectacle with a thought in mind: Until you come through us, stop your celebrating and come get the defending Eastern Conference champions.

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