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Jermaine O'Neal Returns to Practice

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After missing the Celtics' first two exhibition games with a sore left hamstring, Jermaine O'Neal returned to practice today, and hopes to play in tomorrow night's preseason game against the Toronto Raptors. As of right now he is considered a game-time decision. 

Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston has the story:

"I'm tired today, but you gotta start somewhere," said O'Neal. "I've gotta be able to build. My hamstring felt good, it felt really good. I'm looking forward to getting back on the court since I haven't been able to play with guys in the real uniforms yet."

In other center-related news, the other O'Neal, Shaquille, was given the day off with apparently sore hips, which Doc Rivers suggested could be a minor issue throughout the season. 

Avery Bradley was able to practice with the team today, which is hopefully a sign that we'll get to see him in action before the preseason concludes. 

Delonte West also went through the entire two-hour practice, as well as his now standard extra shooting and conditioning afterward. West left Thursday night's win over the New Jersey Nets in the third quarter when his lower back seized up on him. He's expected to play in tomorrow night's game.