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It's Not The Heat, It's The Humility

David and Goliath (double teapots)
David and Goliath (double teapots)

The Heat talk a good game and they certainly have the star power to get a lot of attention (and lots of commercials!).  But in the end, the winner was the guy that talks softly, works tirelessly, and occasionally flashes a sly grin after nailing his 6th three pointer in a row.

Read this quote where Wade is trying to sound humble and still ends up sounding silly.

Some bumps in road for Miami’s Big Three - The Boston Globe

“This team [the Celtics] is the team to look at and say, ‘That’s where we need to get to,’ ’’ Wade said. “They’re the best team in the East. They got two on us right now. We are 5-4 and we can’t run from it. I think we’re better than 5-4. We’re the best 5-4 team in the league, how about that? But we’ve got a lot of work to do.’’

Wojo at Yahoo! is practically giddy watching this team crumble (he's been anti-LeBron since before it was cool to be anti-LeBron).

Heat folding under weight of season - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Chris Bosh came and went, Dwyane Wade stood in the corners and watched. Most of all, James found himself in postseason shape, closing a loss to the Boston Celtics with a missed layup, two missed free throws and a corner 3-pointer off the side of the backboard.

In related news, the NBA Playbook has a great post showing video evidence of how the Heat just couldn't defend Ray Allen all night.

NBA Playbook -  Miami Struggled To Contain Ray Allen

However, against the Celtics the Heat really struggled when trying to close out on three point shooters.  The Celtics shot 9-16 from three (56.3%), including a 7-9 performance from Ray Allen.  It was Ray Allen knocking the threes down, but none of them were really challenged due to the fact that Miami made mental errors on just about every single one of them.

And it wasn't just the perimeter defense that was hurting Miami.

Game of the night: The running of the Celtics | ProBasketballTalk

It was on defense where Bosh struggled. He was pushed around, did not grab boards, and seemed a passive spectator. The Celtics went right at him on defense, and he did not respond. His slow rotation on the spectacular Rajon Rondo dunk was just the most glaring example of a bad defensive half. I have stuck up for Bosh not playing well this season in the past, tonight I stop that.

And don't forget the guy setting him up on many of those buckets.  How do they work so well together?  Well, unlike the Heat, they've had years of experience working together, so Rondo knows how to wait for just the right opportunity.

Rondo dials it up on the dish - The Boston Globe

"Patience,’’ Rondo said, trying to explain it. "Knowing what’s about to happen. Seeing the play before it happens. It’s not easy. That’s the kind of chemistry [we have]. I know where Ray’s going to be, I know where he wants the ball. I can almost throw some blind passes once in a while.’’

It was a very fun win.  Enjoy it.

Bonus Link: Jackie MacMullan on Rondo:
Boston Celtics' Rajon Rondo proving to be one of best point guards in league - ESPN Boston

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